Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church of Roxbury

This early English Gothic style church built of St. Lawrence marble was constructed in 1893/94 in memory of Jay Gould (genealogy number 326) and his wife. Jay Gould was one of America’s wealthiest men of all time and was a railroad baron in the 19th century.

Planning for the church had begun following the destruction of Roxbury's church by fire in 1891. Jay Gould had become interested in the project and promised "liberal aid" if the church were built of stone. Before planning of the project matured, Mr. Gould died. His children decided to honor the memories of their mother and father by building the church and paid the entire cost of the building, including the memorial windows and pipe organ.

Since that time, the Roxbury congregation has graciously extended use of the church and its grounds to the JMA during its quinquennial reunions. It serves as the starting point for the parade to the Roxbury Cemetery and hosts the closing activity of each five-year family reunion. The reunion ends with a church service for all Mores complete with bagpipes and banners for each line representing John and Betty's eight children.


Location: The church is located on the main street of Roxbury, New York, about two blocks in the opposite direction of the cemetery where John and Betty Taylor More are buried.