Elgin, Scotland

Betty Taylor was born in Elgin about 12 miles from Forres, situated on the river Lossie. Elgin is also where John and Betty were married on June 9, 1770. Betty was 32 years old at the time of her marriage.

Although, at this writing, there are no sites that JMA can directly connect to John and Betty in Elgin, it is a place worth visiting. The climate is said to be genial, and this Shire is called the garden of the north.

On Lady Hill are the ruins of an old castle built in the 12th century, a favorite resort of the early Scottish Kings. The first church on this site dates back to the 1200s, a cross-shaped building much smaller than the ruins on view today. This was enlarged later in the same century, possibly following a fire. The result was a building some 280ft in length, taller than the original and with a new choir and an octagonal chapter house. After St Andrews this was the second largest cathedral in Scotland. (See photos)