JMA $1000 Scholarship Application

Congratulations to Jacob Harry Robinson JMA# 7751252, winner of the JMA 2017 scholarship!

Jacob Harry Robinson, Winner of the JMA 2017 Scholarship

We are now taking applications for 2020.

Applicants must be between the ages of 16 and 21 years old.

Deadline for submissions is June 30, 2020.

Must be from a dues paying household. If your household dues are NOT current, please send a check for $20.00 made payable to the John More Association and mail to

Mike Williams, JMA Treasurer,
295 Williams Road,
Oxford, NY 13830

and mark in "memo" that it's for the Scholarship.

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High school:

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Colleges applied to:

Current major and/or career interests:

Click (Submit Form) to submit the application and a copy of your essay in an email to Peter Kempe, Scholarship Coordinator and to President, David M. Grey at

The goal of this application for the JMA College Scholarship is for you to share what your ancestry in the John More Association means to you.

In an essay of no more than around 1000 words (approximately three double-spaced typed pages formatted normally with a 12-point font):

. Begin by listing your JMA ancestry in reverse chronological order, beginning with yourself and leading back to John and Betty More. Please include both the year and place of birth for yourself and each ancestor, in order to provide context to your listing.

. Then, choose one of your ancestors who lived at least eighty years ago and discuss the differences between his or her life and your own by reflecting upon what your life might have been like if it had been you living in your ancestor's place. Please be creative and imaginative! One of the joys of learning about our past is the discovery that people who lived long ago or in faraway places are fundamentally no different from ourselves. For your scholarship application, imagine if you'd been born then instead of now.

. To do this, you will need to first discover an interesting fact about this specific ancestor (e.g., did your ancestor lose a number of children in infancy? did he fight in the Civil War? did she invent something or was she an artist or musician?) and then do a bit of research into the time and place that the ancestor lived.

. Consult the following JMA resources and individuals regarding your line of JMA ancestors as you seek details about them:

Visit the Genealogy Directory. Get a password from to access the Directory and then use the "Lineage" link to find your ancestors back to John and Betty. Also consult the Digital Library and Juanita Goin, JMA Genealogist, who has vast information on other sources.

. After your essay of the length specified above, include a separate page listing the sources you consulted in appropriate MLA format, including the Directory, any online or print sources, and any individuals you contacted directly.

. All submissions become the property of the John More Association, which may publish or distribute your essay while always attributing you as the author. You agree to a photograph showing presentation of the check to be used as promotion for subsequent scholarships.

. Please attach essay to application e-mail. Essays must be submitted in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Thank you for applying-we're excited to help a young cousin go to college! Good luck!