The Old Stone House

The Old Stone House was built in 1829 by Edward L. More, eighth child of John and Betty Taylor More. John and Betty lived with Edward and his family on the farm during their last years. Betty passed away on October 13, 1823, and was buried in an orchard on the farm. Her remains were moved to Roxbury Cemetery upon John's death.

John lived with Edward's family for another 16 years, passing away on January 1, 1840, at the age of 94 years, 10 months and 7 days. The sandstone slab gravestones, which John carved for himself and Betty, were taken from a hillside quarry on the farm.

The ownership of the Edward L. More "Old Stone House" and its farm has changed numerous times over the years. In 1935, the John More Association bought, refurbished, and dedicated the House as a landmark of JMA history. During the ensuing years, however, the ownership and maintenance of running this operating farm became financially burdensome, and it was sold in the 1950's. Profit from the sale was put in a trust fund to support operations of the Association.

Since then, discussion has been held whether the JMA should repurchase the farm, but at this time the property remains privately owned.


Location: The Old Stone House is located on Route #30, 2.3 miles north of Roxbury. It is on the right side of the road traveling north. The property has a small, tree-lined creek running in front and a flat, wooden bridge traversing the creek.

Photograph right was taken in 1935 after the JMA remodeled the house. During the 1935 reunion, a tablet of bronze was placed on the house, (photograph on the right) with this inscription: "This house, erected by his son Edward in 1829, was the last residence of John More, who was born at Forres, Scotland, February 24, 1745. Died here January 1st, 1840. It was restored by his descendants, 1935."