John More's Tavern

In 1777, John and Betty Taylor More and their family were warned of an impending Indian attack by their friend, Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant. They fled from their cabin home near Hobart, New York, and settled for several years at another location in the Catskill area. In about 1786, the family settled on a claim near where Grand Gorge, New York, now stands.

This new home site was situated at the intersection of several trails, which became roads. By 1880, the settlement -- known as Moresville -- was thriving and much of the activity centered around John's small home-tavern.

John and Betty ran what was known as John More's Tavern until 1817 when Betty suffered a stroke and was unable to work in the tavern. Their son, John Taylor More (John T.) took over management of the tavern. Eventually the building was replaced by a larger structure known as the Moresville House. It was destroyed by fire in 1940.

During the 1990 John More Association family reunion, descendants unveiled an historical marker at the site of John More's store and inn. Today, the location is the site of a gas sation and convenience store.


Location: The historical marker is located on Route #23 in the center of Grand Gorge, New York, at its intersection with Route 30.