Grave Site of John and Betty Taylor More

In 1889, the living children of Alexander More gathered for a visit in Margaretville, New York. At this gathering, they decided to hold a reunion of all the families of John More's eight children. In organizing this first reunion, it was also proposed that a monument be erected at John and Betty's gravesites as a memorial. An appeal for pledges to help pay for the monument was sent to known descendants and $2,868.50 was collected.

Erected in 1890 and unveiled at the first More reunion held that year, it was designed by cousin Charles H. More (471.2) and is constructed from Scottish granite (except the lowest three bases which are Vermont granite.) It stands 28 1/2 feet tall, 8 feet square, and 1 1/2 feet thick. The total price of the Monument and the cemetery lot was $2,887.76.

At the base of the Monument are the gravesites of John and Betty, covered by the two sandstone markers carved by John before his death.


Location: Roxbury, New York. The cemetery is at one end of main street in downtown Roxbury.